Friday, June 5, 2009

Picasso. Monet. Johnson-Leck.

Go ahead.

Take a few moments.

Take it all in.

The beauty. The detail. The love that has been poured out in acrylic form.

If you can peel your eyes away from the photo above for a few moments, I'll tell you a little about our art project. This is from the book "On the Day You Were Born." It's a great book. A little human-centric, but it does make you feel pretty special. The text on the right hand side is talking about the various migrating animals of the world(Arctic terns, reindeer, sea turtles, etc) that are spreading the word that our child is being born. Nice of them, considering it'll take a while to get out the birth announcements. CLick on the photo and see if you can find the migrating puggle. We really like the book and the artwork that goes with it.

We painted it in one weekend (and did not argue ONCE!) doing a little freehand, but used a projector for the hard parts. Important to note that we chose not to paint it on the wall because apparently "weird parents" paint murals on kids' walls.

So the kid's room is coming along. Actually, it's the "kid's stuff's room." Tons and tons of stuff in there, but no kid. No kid for probably the next year!

The kid isn't going to be down there for a while because we plan on having the kid sleep in our bed with us. Don't worry. Calm down. Euchre will still have a spot in the bed. The candidate most likely to cough up some space is also the largest mammal in the bed. Some people may have some reservations about "co-sleeping," but it is really beneficial and safe for all parties involved. A friend of ours said "Hey, you're going to be up all night making sure the kid is still breathing so you might as well roll over rather than walk across the room." Makes sense to me.

So the beautiful piece of artwork will have to go unappreciated for a while, except by visitors. And us. And we're pretty proud.


jersey said...

I LOVE the fact that you included carmen and i at the top of the globe!! lol.

and... im not positive but im pretty sure that the new version of the book has the sea turtles using cell phones to text the announcement to the whales who then use twitter to tell the reindeer. im glad you chose the old school version of the book.

Kate said...

No arguments! Way to go!!!