Monday, June 22, 2009

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Hey All,

Update for today: Things continue to go well! Rigley is completely off all breathing support. Hooray!! We are going to be here at least until Friday. They are going to administer all 7 days worth of antibiotics, just to make absolutely sure she's cool to go home. Fine with us.

We've had one positive nursing experience so far and looking forward to more.

Thanks for all the warm wishes and support!

Here is where you can find more photos:


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful and we couldn't be happier for the both of you...and for Rigley...she's been born into a wonderful family! Can't wait to see her some day when we are out in Colorado visiting our daughter. Liam and Henry really needed a girl cousin. Yeah! Joella & Ray

Burnsies said...

What a beautiful baby girl!! Gus can't wait to meet his new playmate-skiing partner!! Jen, keep up the hard work with the pumping and nursing. You'll both get the hang of it eventually. I remember being in tears a few times in the NICU wondering why we just couldn't 'get it'. Use the lactation nurse as much as you can while you have her. Thinking of you all constantly.
Jen B