Thursday, June 25, 2009

Many people have asked (when they could get a hold of us) how we're feeling about being in the hospital after really wanting to avoid this place and have a home birth.

Here's what we believe is true for us (other people get to decide what is true for them so we're not trying to preach to anyone else): Giving birth is not a medical condition that requires hospitalization. It's a lot like digesting food, keeping your eyes moist, or growing hair (insert your own joke about my head here). Giving birth is a little less common than those things and a way bigger deal, but the body still knows what to do. You're not sick when you're pregnant, nothing is broken that needs fixing. So it was an easy choice for us to birth a child in a place that increases our chances of no medical interventions.

A kid being born with pneumonia IS a medical condition. It's what hospitals are for. They got turned into birthing centers over the years, but hospitals are where sick people go to get better. It was an absolute no-brainer to get Rigley to the hospital ASAP. We feel great about it. We have gotten great care and Rigley is going to be better off for it.

Jen has survived remarkably well being around so many needles and machines. Who would have though that the woman who gets sweaty palms when she drives past a hospital could live here for 7 days.

Update: There is a good chance we'll be home tomorrow! Hooray. Rigley has so far proven that she can pound some calories and put the weight on (Atta Girl!). We're not getting our hopes up, but the chances are high. Either way, we're looking forward to locking ourselves in our own house and sleeping in our own bed. Maybe the dog could have a homecoming this weekend too.

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Shelly said...

Congratulations Jen & Chris. :) I just read your blog and basically laughed the whole time... I love how you both keep your sense of humor and perspective even when times are tough. Thanks for sharing your journey! Travis & I miss you both. :)