Friday, June 5, 2009

The Unshower

So last weekend we finally caved and threw ourselves a shower. We got a little bit of pressure to have SOMETHING for people to show support, but we both were having nightmares of sitting in a room full of people opening cutely decorated presents filled with onesies and an electronic baby wipe warmer-upper. To avoid the nightmare scenario we tweaked the typical shower thing and funneled people's generosity and support into categories we felt reflected our values. It became know as - The Unshower!

For those of you who were there, thanks so much. It was awesome. about as perfect as we could have hoped for. For those of you who weren't there, you can still participate if you want to.

We shared a meal (courtesy of Carmen, Monica, Linder, and Dora), stories and even had a couple activities.

We set up a video booth where people could record a quick video that we will watch during early labor. Songs, jokes, stories, support, whatever. We ended up with 22 videos that we have not watched yet, but are very excited about. Feel free to submit a video if you want. Since we're at home for the birth, we'll have plenty of time at the beginning to watch the videos and feel connected and supported by all of our community!

People could also sign up for meals and dog walks (didn't feel comfortable asking people to help with cleaning and gardening, but you can offer that as well). Anyone not signed up can contact Meredith, who has graciously volunteered to coordinate people. You can email her at

Finally, we are creating a "treasure chest" for the kiddo that we will give her/him on her/his 18th birthday. What we're asking people to contribute is a small token/symbol/charm/whatever and then attach a note to it with a wish or some advice for an 18 year old about to embark on a new part of their path. (Maybe a rock from your favorite hike and a note wishing the kiddo many adventures.) The treasure chest will be open for a while so there is no rush if you still want to contribute something.

Sorry not everyone could make it to the Unshower, but since there are a couple things people can still do to participate, I don't feel too bad.

(*The above photo is someone's idea of a joke. We did get our picture taken holding up a onesie, though this one is signed by all the guests and will go in the treasure chest too.)

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