Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 19th, 2009!

Howdy folks!
Well, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. It arrived yesterday. Or should I say, she arrived yesterday. That's right.
Rigley June Johnson-Leck hopped out into the world at home on June 19th 2009 at 4:01pm. She weighs in at a healthy 7lbs, 12oz. I forget how long she is. Long enough. She's not missing any parts as far as we can tell.
More about the birthing story later, but here's what you need to know: She went a little purple/blue as she was coming off the placenta. We put her on oxygen and she pinked right up. Took her off oxygen, back to purple. Well, it was pretty clear the she needed some help so we rushed off to the hospital and were admitted to the NICU. They did a bunch of tests and got her on oxygen. After lots of time and tests, it turns out she was born with pneumonia. I always thought Jen was cold blooded but, who knew you could catch a cold in utero?
So they started her up on antibiotics and a breathing machine to help her not have to work so hard and she settled in on her first night's sleep.
Today things continue to progress along. She's on regular air just like everybody else, no extra oxygen, and she's been stepped down to the lowest breathing supporter machine you can get. Good news for everyone. We may even try breast feeding tonight. And you can't suck a boob without having breathing figured out.
We should be here for a few more days maybe a full week and then back home with a clean bill of health and a new, more feverish obsession with her breathing. We'll trade shifts just making sure she isn't blue.
Otherwise the family is doing well!


Kevin said...

Congratulations Jen and Chris and Rigley!! I'm sure Euchre is going to love his new little sister. Bring her home soon!

Unkie Moops

Anonymous said...

So happy for you all!! Yeah Rigley June!! From first hand experience, know that though the days in the NICU seem long, the stress and memories of it quickly disappear once you are all home together as a family. So will the breathing obsession...eventually! Love you all.
Jen, Adog, and Gus

Kim Swift said...

Jen,Chris and Rigley,
I am so happy for the three of you! Can't wait to get that princess in my arms.

mg said...

Hip hip hooray! Congratulations. We're so happy to hear the news! Welcome, Rigley! We can't wait to meet you. (I think all parents obsess about their kid's breathing. I know I do.)

with love from Papa, Mama, and Baby Dilljob

Sara and Errol said...

WHOO HOOO! Its a girl!! Rigley, you are in great hands with those parents of yours and have lots of aunties and uncles who love you to the moon and back already.Hurry home so we can meet you!

Congrats Jen Chris and Euchre!

Elsa and her parents