Sunday, June 21, 2009


You bet your ass Happy Father's Day!
We're looking pretty good here people. If you check out the picture on the top, you will see (or not see), the absence of a breathing apparatus. We got to come off all breathing support this afternoon and she is still doing really well.
Today we have been working on nursing. Seems intuitive doesn't it? Well, it is not intuitive for us. Yet. But we're being patient. It's hard to be patient though when everyone is getting so frustrated. We are a little lucky though because she is getting all the nutrients she needs through an IV in her umbilical cord. If she were nursing well, it would just be a bonus.
Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well right now. Sleep, eat, poop, that's the routine for now!


Sara and Errol said...

Yeah Rigley! So glad she is doing well. Chris - happy first fathers day dude. Jen - nursing is SO frustrating at first, you gals will get the hang of it just stick with it...its SO worth it! She is one SERIOUSLY adorable kid...those cheeks are screaming to be kissed!

Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing photos with us. It's great to see this amazing new neighbor. I put out the red carpet for her so when she arrives back home, you'll all have the red carpet treatment. Love,
Neighbor Margaret

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Nursing is tough. use your resources because they are really helpful. I don't think nursing is intuitive at all...both bodies need to figure it out to make it work...not an easy thing. enjoy these days...nights...poops, etc.!

Kate Seager said...

Nursing was in no way intuitive. I remember thinking Wes was never going to eat! Eventually everything clicked and we were on our way. I second the suggestion of using resources. The nurses at the hospital were awesome and once we went home, visiting the lactation nurse was the best decision we ever made.