Friday, June 26, 2009

The Homecoming

We made it home today. It was a long week. Actually today was her official due date so maybe we can just pretend the last week didn't happen.

We are so stoked to be home, but really, more than anything, we're stoked Rigley doesn't have any more wires and tubes hooked up to her. Changing a diaper as a rookie is hard enough (that's right, my first diaper change EVER was last Sunday). Changing a diaper and putting her in a burrito is really hard when you have tubes coming out all over and if you bump them they set off alarms across the county and everyone comes running. Ooops. My bad.

We actually found out yesterday that coming home on Friday was a possibility. There was some discrepancy amongst the docs as to what exactly constituted 7 days.

It was going to come down to putting on weight so Jen and I loaded up our pockets with rocks that we could sneak onto the scale if need be.
"That's funny, how come the scale says she weighs 27 pounds?"
"She's eats all day and doesn't exercise, what do you expect?" *nervous smile*

All in all, the hospital was a little rough, but we really got through because of our friends who could visit, the love of family no matter how far away, and some amazing nurses and doctors (Carleen and Donette, you made everything so easy).

We're enjoying the quiet, the fresh air, and the chance to try out the 3 swings, 25 slings, and 850 outfits we have inherited over the last few months. That and the chance to be parents trying to bumble their way through this. This should be awesome.


jersey said...


mg said...

So happy that you guys are home again! Now you are on your own! It will be awesome.

Happy Homecoming Rigley!

Burnsies said...

Great to hear you all made it home and can just spend time alone as a family!! Woo hoo.

Errol said...

Way to go Rigley!!!
Good support team Jen and Chris, way to keep her motivated. By the way, I'm sure Adam will lend you his purple milk receipe if it would helf get more milk into her. He offered it to Elsa but she wasn't down with the idea.

We can't wait to see you all and Marc's wedding!!!