Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guest Blogger: Euchre the Dog




I go off to play with my buddy Tonka for a week and I come home to find what...?! These crazy parents of mine were left alone for a few days and what do they do...?! I come home after a hard week of playing and destroying pillows and who is in my chair...?!

A puppy!

That's right. Apparently one child was not enough for my parents. They went out and got another puppy. It's kind of a weird puppy too. It doesn't do anything. It just lays there. I tried to bring it one of my bones (not one of my good ones) and it just flailed its arms around. Sheesh.

I'm pretty sure this puppy is broken so I thought it would be gone soon, but my parents seem intent on keeping it. So that means its now part of the pack and I need to protect it by barking a lot. Pretty much anything that moves could be a danger to this helpless puppy so I bark at everything, just in case.

I have to admit... It is kind of growing on me. I haven't figured out how it is getting its food, but it isn't taking any of mine. Once I figure out how its feeding, I plan on getting a little bit myself! Hey, it what big brothers are for.


Sylvia said...

Hey, Chris, this is Sylvia and Dick in Gig Harbor, Diane's cousins. Glad Euchre seems to be loving his new sister/pup. We are waiting to see a picture of Grandma/Nana holding Rigley. We love your blog!

Ed Brantmeier said...

Hi Jen, Lovely photos! What a wonderful baby and doggy! We had not problems integrating our little ones with pets, so no worries. Enjoy the baby glow that surrounds childbirth.... That changes after a few months, yet other wonders await! (sitting up, self-feeding, crawling, etc...) Enjoy parenthood! The Brantmeiers (Ed, Noorie, Noah, & Ian)