Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She's gonna blow!!

*Before we begin, here's a tip for all you inexperienced people out there: On the list of Top Ten Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Person, number four is "Oh, you're so small!" or "Oh, you're so big!" Really, "Oh you're so (anything)" is going to get you into some kind of trouble. The truth is, Jen is exactly the size she is supposed to be and the midwife thinks she's doing swimmingly.

Well, here we are finally at week 36. Can you believe it? You probably would if you lived here. And have had to (err, I mean gotten to) enjoy the wonders of pregnancy.

Actually, things continue to go amazingly well. Jen continues to feel well, sleep well, and eat well. I continue to do a lot of thumb twiddling and helping out where I can. And Euchre continues to be oblivious that ANYTHING is going on. That dog is in for a rude awakening and this is a guy who has never had a rude awakening in his life. His idea of a rude awakening is not getting fed in the first 5 minutes after he wakes up and starts whining so things could get dicey for the dog.

I'm not making any promises here, but blog posts should be coming pretty fast and furious now. With the end of the school semester, we now have some time to do some projects. Blog topics to keep an eye out for include: setting up the kid's room (isn't it a little weird that we're working so hard to set up a room that won't be used for a year?!), art projects (our friend linder said that she always thought parents who painted murals were weird... um... well, no surprises here), and the completion of the diapers (how a small craft project turned into the equivalent of building the transcontinental railroad (though many fewer indigenous people were killed sewing these diapers)).


mg said...

People constantly asked me if I was having twins. And then asked if I was sure when I said no. Others were very concerned that I was going to have a 12 lb baby and thought that a home birth was unwise. Well, just like Jen, I was exactly as big as I needed to be and Huck was a perfectly sized baby. Keep up the great work! I cannot wait for the pseudo-promised updates.

Liberator said...

JJ, you are beautiful! I will check in with you guys this week. Much love from 612.

Kate Seager said...

Yeah! Looking good. Can't believe the day is almost here. One woman (a stranger no less) was convinced I had my due date wrong and thought there was something wrong with the baby since I was "way too small". Turns out she was wrong and Wes was considerably bigger than expected. Just try to tune them out. :)