Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to Week 26!!

Wow. Week 26 already!

Time has really flown by. I think that's mostly because Jen has felt so good throughout this whole ordeal. (Apologies to people who have had hard pregnancies.) There has still been no vomiting, heartburn, headaches, or pain. I can't say that Jen has been chipper, but she definitely feels very lucky.

These days we have been talking a lot about some ceremonies that we may want to do. We're not into showers (shocking, I know), but we are interested in what showers used to mean before being overtaken by gifts and eating melted candy bars out of diapers. We're really interested in creating a space that is honoring of the parents and what we have gone/are going through as well as getting that strong sense of community support. We're not really sure what that is going to look like quite yet and unfortunately many of the people who would want to participate won't get that opportunity. So far we have thought of:

having everyone bring a charm to put on a bracelet that Jen (and I) can wear during labor,

having a video booth that people can record jokes, stories and encouragement that we can view during labor,

and for people who have to bring a gift, we could collect the gifts and then donate them to a local shelter for struggling parents to give to their children.

We also may be decorating a "belly cast," reading poems/blessings, and some other crazy hippie stuff.

We're open to other ideas as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?

(We also want to do a "Welcome to the planet" ceremony after the kiddo is born, but the planning for that will come AB (after birth).)


Moops said...

I want to think of some kind of sweet, touching contribution to this idea of y'alls, but all I can think of is... birthing free digs zone.

I'll seek therapy.

GWoman430 said...

I think all these ideas are great. It is so nice that you are moving beyond the "same-old, same-old". Jen, you look fabulous. Chris, I never hear a heartbeat with either child and they turned out wonderful (the DO have hearts!). Love you both,
Aunt Gretchen

Liberator in 612 said...

Greetings, Johnson Leck family!
A) I cannot believe it's April tomorrow and your new roommate will be arriving in just a few months.
B) I get the bad friend award for tucking away the Christmas letter with the blogspot address to keep up on the comedy show over there in the Fort. But basically I've been thinking quite regularly that Jen must look REALLY different because Jen has never (ever) had anything close to a belly. And there she is, gestating like a pro. Hell yeah.

Speaking of ceremonies, while you search things to do to commemorate your passage into parenthood, I need your help with the wedding ceremony I will officiate in August. You have a few of those under your belt now, right? ;)

Be well, friends. I think of you so often...And, Chris, I went to Chicago a few weeks back an thought of you. Are you going to call the baby's room "Wrigleyville"?


eckes family in hayward said...

I just love reading your updates. Jen-you look beautiful!!! Pregnancy suits you well. I can't believe how little your belly is still.
I tip my hat you both regarding the diapering situation. There truly is no way in hell I could go along with something like that. So, on behalf of the next generation, thank you for doing your part to help the planet.
Take care and enjoy pregnancy whether you are caring the little one or not.