Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 16

Welcome to week 16 everyone!

Take a look at the picture. You may have to take a close look, but there is a belly getting started there. Just don't make any comments about size or shape. Apparently, pregnant people think that's a sensitive issue. If you don't think so, just ask the bruises on my arm.

Crankiness has been a new issue for us these days. I guess one of the worst things you can do is make bread that's too dense. We had a real meltdown here about the bread and almost saw some serious casualties. Remember, pregnant people like their bread just so, and if you tweak the recipe, you are only inviting doom upon your head.

We went to Baby 101 class on Saturday. Basically it was "How not to kill your infant" class. It really started to make it real for us because there were some VERY pregnant people. We had to line up according to due date. We were very, very last, but hey, Jen likes her information and she likes it early. One couple looked like they were ready to pop right there.

We practiced changed diapers ("be careful, dads will put these on backwards"), burping ("be careful, dads will use a flat hand and hit too hard"), and engaging the baby ("be careful, dads will rough house too much").

We left thinking, "be careful, dads are idiots."

We also had to go around the room and say one thing you could do to stop a crying baby other than shake it to death. I suggested Mountain Dew and a Nintendo Wii.

Everything else is progressing fairly smoothly for now!


LindaLBA said...

In my Lamaze class 29 (how can that be?) years ago, someone got a funny look on her face & went into the bathroom & came out to say, "My water just broke." The teacher directed the couple to the admissions desk down the hall & the rest of us tried to pretend that we weren't SHOCKED AS HELL to discover that pregnant people do eventually give birth. The baby visited the class the next week. Love--Linda

MarcMaxson said...

Dude Chris, You should have known about the bread! Heather and I love reading your blog, although I am still geeking out with thoughts like "they're using wordpress" or "love the anti-spam feature." What can I do right? Chris - you have got to be the most well-adjusted guy I know for a pregnant wife. You'll manage bread, toast, or whatever.

Last week I said to Heather, "we're not getting old so long as Jen and Chris stay non-parental. Oops! We're the last unmarried & unpregnant couple we know now!

(Marc and Heather)

Katherine and Mark said...

Mark said that I am never allowed to get pregnant, because the bread incident describes how I am normally!