Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Old, but cute picture

Happy New Year everyone! And to celebrate the holiday, let's post a picture from an old holiday.

This has taken me a while to post this. We knew the week before Halloween that we had finally followed through on what we have been practicing for all these years (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). We carved this pumpkin and suprised 2 of our friends with it (we had to tell someone).

Again, for those of you just finding out, don't feel bad that we didn't say anything before now.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pumpkin-what a great idea.
Judith from #32

Kate said...

That's really cute, and very creative! Start thinking about veggies to carve in June to announce the actual birth.

Jarad Niemi said...

I don't feel bad, I'm just glad you have a blog for it. That is a fantastic pumpkin carving.

Jarad Niemi said...

Oh yeah. Congratulations!!

Sky said...

Well, I am just mad I wasn't the first to know. Also, your pumpkin baby looks to be quite the eater.