Monday, March 15, 2010

We're Back!!

Yeah, I know. It has been a while since the last post. And yes, I remember saying I would be better about this in 2010. Maybe this time its for real!

Things just seem to be pretty smooth around here. As you can see in the picture above, Spring is in full swing here in Colorado. Sorry if that's not true where you live, but no one is forcing you to live in Minnesota. Hiking on weekends has been a new addition to the routine. Breakfast with friends and then a quick hike in the foothills. We continue to discuss what spirituality might look like for our family in the future, and this is our favorite option so far. Connect with people and nature. And watch out for snakes too.

Its chow time at our house as well. Big Rig will eat whatever we put in front of her. Jen even caved recently and let Rigley have some banana. I know, I know, banana sounds safe, right? Well, you know Jen. She's pretty concerned that Rigley will develop a taste for anything sweet and may some day, when we're not watching closely, and the world is about to end... have a piece of candy. GASP! Or some ice cream. DOUBLE GASP!! We all know that Jen tends to live on the fringes in certain situations and she'd like some company.
Finally, Jen and Chris got a little break from any responsibility and jetted off to Las Vegas for a weekend. Thanks to Oma (Rigley's Grandmother) and the Fort Collins Support Staff (Linder, Dora, Meredith, Tim, Camonica, and Josie) for helping this happen. I can't say much about the trip because apparently what happens there, stays there, but I think the picture below sums it up.


Katherine E. said...

I love it! You two are so fun, and it's nice you have a third. Between TPIR and's awesome.

Jersey said...

can i have this picture on a mouse pad??

Joanna said...

Love. It. And miss you guys! Can't wait to meet the squirt!