Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Blogger: Grandparent Dave Johnson

Greetings from St. Paul!

I just returned from my first visit with Rigley. She is a very impressive tiny person. Jen is a very impressive mom and Chris is a very impressive dad. They both seem much more capable than I was with Jen. Thinking back, it seems to me that my only contribution was to crank up her swing in the middle of the night. Now I see that they have electric powered swings.

As each day passed I could see a little more brown in Rigley's eyes - a good thing. Jen and I keep checking for signs of high arches and good feet - our only expectation for the child, but too early to tell if that will be. She looks exactly like Chris. Jen and Chris call her Big-Rig. I thought parents were supposed to protect their children from name calling. Hmm...

My last day there Jen and Chris were planning a summit attempt of a Colorado Fourteener - with Rigley. This is a worthy challenge and I plan to be part of the summit team. It's never too soon to involve a young person in a team building exercise. I can hardly wait to see the Hero Shot at the peak.

All is well in the Johnson-Leck family. They love Rigley and each other.


Kate/Kat/Katherine said...

Awesome on the fourteener! You go, guys! Go TEAM!

Liberator said...

I heart Grandpa Dave.