Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips on how to handle us right now...

Well, folks, it's about time you all started to find out about this. I'm tired of writing a blog just for us. We're a little nervous about it though. In fact, Jen actually can't say it. She cannot put it into words and say "I'm preggers." In almost every situation, I'm the one that's gotta say it out loud. So if you get told by Jen, consider yourself extremely blessed and if you didn't get told by Jen, don't feel bad. (Heck, she didn't even tell me, I found a positive pregnancy test in the garbage one morning.) A few people have already started asking what they can do to help.

Here are some tips for what to do now:

1. We don't even know what we need or what to ask for from other people right now. If you have tips or lists of things we should have ready, we'd like to hear it. What was helpful for you? What should we ask other people to do (or not do)?

2. Be careful when talking to Jen that you don't exclusively focus on the pregnancy. Jen wants to continue to have the kinds of conversations she's always had and does not want her entire essence to be boiled down to being pregnant. Its okay to ask and talk about it, but don't make it the only thing.

3. Try really hard not to buy anything. We are unbelievable blessed to have people in our lives who are giving (or cheaply selling) their old baby crap. I KNOW that this is hard. When you find that Cubs one-sie or that baby pirate costume you are going to want to buy it and send it off. Thank you. Thank you soo much. We know that you love us and the new roommate. Maybe we can comprimise. If you would like to purchase things for our family, we'd like to suggest that you but it used. Garage sales, craigslist, and thrift stores are all loaded down with great stuff. (We are a little freaked out about money right now and will keep you posted on lifting the ban of buying stuff.)

Let me take a second to say thanks. To everyone. We feel really lucky in so many ways. People have been really helpful so far and supportive and inspiring. If we even remotely feel prepared, its because of the support of others. Thanks.

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